I thought Corona was no Big Deal.

When the Corona virus fears started in Wuhan, many people started to leave Wuhan.

While many students have left for home due to Chinese new year, many didn’t.

About 250–300 students were still in the city and they wanted to leave China but Chinese had sealed their borders.

Many students were airlifted by the government after India requested for airlifting the students.

With huge efforts, India rescued it’s students staying in Wuhan and they reached home.

It was termed as a nightmare for everyone including students, rescue staff and others.

India’s first Corona virus case :

One positive case of Novel Coronavirus patient, of a student studying in Wuhan University, has been reported in Kerala. The patient has tested positive for Novel Coronavirus and is in isolation in the hospital. The patient is stable and is being closely monitored.

Source : Update on Novel Coronavirus: one positive case reported in Kerala

India recorded her first Corona case from a student in Kerala on Jan 30.

After the first case, it rose to 3 by Feb 3 all were the students who came from Wuhan.

Later, Kerala government which had already defeated Nipah, sprung into action.

It successfully helped in recovering 3 students from Corona.

After this, a lot of strict measures were taken by multiple governments and I thought that Corona will be contained. It won’t spread much unlike foriegn countries where it was spreading rapidly. I seriously thought : It’s just fever with extra symptoms.

But I was wrong. I never thought the numbers will go so high from what it was. Right now, the Corona numbers stands in thousands and never on earth I imagined that will happen. While many measures were taken right from airports, it spread somehow.

Narendra Modi - the prime minister had taken, strict measures to make sure that community spread is being stopped. A bold move of lockdown of everything including businesses was taken.

A super spreader who ignored the government’s advises had already infected 27 persons and made 40000 people to be put under quarantine. The rate of spread was going slowly until the Jamat event happened. After the Muslims from Jamat was tested postive, the numbers surged like anything. A total of 1023 attendees were tested postive for Corona.

Right now, cases are increasing with 100 per day as minimum. At this rate, I don’t know where this is going to end. The issue has tormented the world and China seems to have successfully opened the business in many places including malls and theatres.

USA, the place where aliens attack and superheros save - tops the list. People are so much confused on what to do and what will happen if this trend continues. Already, global economic crisis was there and now world is heading towards recession.

Source : https://www.bing.com/covid?vert=graph

Waiting for “It all started with a bat soup” by Sudeep Nagarkar.

Phew. I seriously don’t want dinosaurs or aliens showing up this month. Please. Where is Morgan Freeman?. Isn’t he is supposed to give lectures from sky.? If someone builds a Noah’s boat - please do ping me in the messages. Btw, I can see Sri Lanka from Chennai, the skies are so clear.




Data Analyst at Cloud Mentor, ML enthusiast and a student who has passion for learning loads of stuffs in DS. || https://www.quora.com//Navin-Niish

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Navin Nishanth K S

Navin Nishanth K S

Data Analyst at Cloud Mentor, ML enthusiast and a student who has passion for learning loads of stuffs in DS. || https://www.quora.com//Navin-Niish

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