Why No Kamaraj or Anna again?

Photo : Annadurai and Kamaraj

Politics is a different game these days. During the days of Anna & Kamaraj or even MK & Jaya politics was clean. It will be either attacking the opposition & winning the seats/convincing people that they are better.

These days, Politics in Tamilnadu has become a dirty game. Abusing, speaking bad words, defaming others, digging the past, creating an excel sheet & defaming a party has became the politics. People blindly follow them thinking whatever they bluff is true. Because they have seen both DMK & ADMK.

What Anna, Kamaraj, Jaya, MK did will be never done again. Thanks to IT cells of parties. People are no longer interested in political games. People are more concerned with their lives & voting is just a day off for them

For instance take the example of Maharastra, a day before Sharad pawar & Ajit Pawar were villians & antinationals & corrupt but when they join BJP, they are clean. They can do whatever to murder democracy. A governor can wake up at 5.40 to cancel a prez rule & do things overnight. A governor can move against these guys simply because he didn’t like the unholy alliance of Shiv sena + INC + NCP.

The people who voted for these parties never tried to do anything. They simply watched the game as they were concerned with their own lives. Maximum they did is retweeting. This is not just the case of Maharastra but everywhere, when MLA’s are bought by parties. For instance, MLA’s were kept in a secret place by ADMK to avoid Dhinakaran.

Politics has become more worst than ever so people have simply started to lose hope in democracy. One party doesn’t want federalism to exist. One party is dead & seems there is no revival.

The existing options : Family or Cinema politics. Cinema politics doesn’t work. It won’t really work as “Rajnikanth will never start a party”. Even if he starts, there will be only his fans who might vote. He is 60+ but still a kid in politics. The same goes to our Kamal Hassan. His party is good with people. But leadership is not good.

Family politics or Slave politics : DMK vs ADMK. People know about the Sterlite killings, Jallikattu last day, 8 lane road or whatever the slave government is doing. Changing names of already existing structures or giving names to the structures already started by the previous government or not showing any opposition to the central government. If people remember when Jaya was there, a slogan got very famous “ladyah modiyah” [Lady or Modi]. But right now, the EPS + OPS are just capable of trolling other parties but not ruling.

Coming to our family/dynasty politics — it is everywhere happening. No wonder. Even biggies have Dynasties. Every party has a dynasty no matter what. The future of DMK looks weak as Udayanidhi is not the face of DMK. Stalin is already weak [health related] and Udayanidhi will never be upto the mark. So the future is dark for DMK.

Is there any other option here?

PMK : Caste politics.

NTK : No words.

VCK : No chance.

INC : No chance. Gone are the days of Kamaraj.

BJP : If you look at the team BJP has/the IT cell BJP has, it is very clear who they are. The amount of hatred spreading they do is nothing compared to ADMK & DMK. They are simply spewing venom everywhere. It’s not Vajpayee’s BJP team anymore but just, abusive team of people.

Any other team? These people won’t let any youth in politics. If youth comes, one may send goons, one may send invite, one will send IT raids as ED is under them.

So it’s always lesser evil vs greater evil. 2K Kids who support ADMK because they think they are good. But forget about 2004 where people ate rats because of poverty created or the bus burning or the Mandaikadu riots. The very good party had released the bus burning people & who knows what happened in Kodanad killings.

So, TN cannot produce another Anna or Kamaraj. Someone new should be born & even if he is born, he will be a urban naxal, anti-national, separatist etc. He will simply be sent to jail or accused. Even if I stand in elections, people will judge me by my dank memes I share. Simple :)

So, it might happen. That’s why even if we have a good heart & will power to lead, I cannot lead. This is the case of most people. This politics today is dirty & shit. It was not like the days of Anna & Kamaraj but something else.




Data Analyst at Cloud Mentor, ML enthusiast and a student who has passion for learning loads of stuffs in DS. || https://www.quora.com//Navin-Niish

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Navin Nishanth K S

Navin Nishanth K S

Data Analyst at Cloud Mentor, ML enthusiast and a student who has passion for learning loads of stuffs in DS. || https://www.quora.com//Navin-Niish

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